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Family Navigators Partnership

family navigators program

Helping families find their way

The Family Navigators Partnership is coordinated through Franziska Racker Centers and is funded through a number of grants through New York State.

The Collaborative Solutions Network brings children, youth, families, and community supports together in a com- prehensive, community-wide approach that fosters social and emotional wellbeing.

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What is a Family Navigator?

A Family Navigator is a warm, caring person who has raised a child with social, emotional and/or behavioral challenges. They are ready to "pay it forward" and help other parents who may need support and a listening ear. They listen, make connections, collaborate, inform, help bridge communication and understanding, and build hope together.

Family Navigators are trained and supervised by Racker Centers’ staff.

You may find yourself overwhelmed and want to speak with another parent who will listen and be present. A Family Navigator can support you

How can a Family Navigator Help Me?

Family Navigators are understanding, respectful listeners.

Family Navigators can...
  • Offer confidential emotional support
  • Help you find the information that you need in a way that is easy to understand
  • Help you increase your knowledge about community resources
  • Help you find your own voice and help you advocate for your child
  • Help you communicate with community providers, your child’s school and can support you through the Special Education process
  • Share ideas about how you can care for yourself and your whole family
  • Connect with you on the phone or in person...whatever works best for you!
  • Assist you in preparing for a school meeting. Remember, you are the expert on your child, and have a very impor- tant role.

Here's What Families are Saying...

"I appreciated her non-judgemental attitude and her follow-up phone calls with me."
"My Family Navigator was kind, warm and supportive."
"We were able to meet in person and the way she listened to me and offered support helped more than I could imagine."
Help from a Family Navigator is free, confidential, and available to ALL families.

Family Navigators Build Hope...with Heart

Connect with a Family Navigator Today!

Call our Program Coordinator:

Serena Ward
or email at serenaw@rackercenters.org

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circle of courage
Franziska Racker Centers is a nonprofit organization with the mission of helping individuals with disabilities and their families achieve their goals for success and happiness. We fulfill our mission by creating opportunities for: learning, having friends, making decisions, and participating.

The Circle of Courage was adopted by the Centers to enhance our ability to provide an environment that allows each person to flourish. Derived from the Native American culture, the quadrants of the circle represent four basic human needs: belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. As we grow and learn, we nurture these attributes to promote the balance of qualities that lead to a happy life.