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What is the CSN?

What is the CSN?

The Collaborative Solutions Network initiates and supports positive collaborative work within and between individuals, schools, human service agencies, communities and other working groups in Tompkins County. The goal of the network is:
To increase the effectiveness, interdependence and efficient use of existing resources that support children and youth with mental health challenges and their families.
We are all being called to do more with less. The Collaborative Solutions Network works to ensure that the human and financial resources that we do have are being used efficiently and effectively to support the success and well being of all children, youth and families.

What are our values and principals?

The initiatives of the CSN strive to embody the values and philosophies of the System of Care approach which are:

1. Individualized and Community Based
2. Youth Centered
3. Family Guided
4. Culturally Sensitive
5. Trauma Informed

Network Organization and Coordination

The CSN functions under collaborative leadership. Meeting facilitation and meeting place rotate monthly. For questions about CSN meetings, please contact Jaydn McCune at jaydnmcss@racker.org.