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What is the CSN?

What is the CSN?

The Collaborative Solutions Network initiates and supports positive collaborative work within and between individuals, schools, human service agencies, communities and other working groups. The goal of the program is:
To increase the effectiveness, interdependence and efficient use of existing resources that support children and youth with mental health challenges and their families.
We are all being called to do more with less. The Collaborative Solutions Network works to ensure that the human and financial resources that we do have are being used efficiently and effectively to support the success and well being of all children, youth and families.

What are our values and principals?

The initiatives of the CSN strive to embody the values and philosophies of the System of Care approach which are:
  1. Family driven and youth guided, with the unique strengths and needs of the child and family determining services and supports provided.
  2. Community based, with all services as well as system management resting within a supportive, adaptive infrastructure at the community level.
  3. Culturally and linguistically competent, with agencies, programs, and services that reflect the cultural, racial, ethnic, and linguistic differences of the populations they serve to facilitate access to and utilization of appropriate services and supports and to eliminate disparities in care.

How is the CSN funded?

The CSN is supported through a braided funding model that integrates county and state funding, with contributions from local human service agencies, school districts and from private donors. We are grateful to our funding partners who as of January 2013, include:
  • New York State Office of Mental Health
  • Seneca County Department of Mental Health
  • Tompkins County Department of Mental Health
  • The Kaplan Foundation
  • South Seneca School District
  • Lansing School District
  • Groton Central School District

Network Organization and Coordination

The CSN is coordinated through Franziska Racker Centers. Jaydn McCune, LCSW serves as the CSN Coordinator and several other Racker Center staff members are hired to work on initiatives within the CSN. The Tompkins County System of Care Team and the Seneca County Mental Health Department assists with collaboration and strategic planning.

Initiatives within the CSN currently include but are not limited to:
  1. Whole Child Check Up Initiative (universal emotional wellness screening in primary care offices)
  2. Solutions for Youth and Families (SPOA and support for information and referral)
  3. Collaborative Care Community (supports successful transitions between systems of care)
  4. Development of a community wide collaborative best practice for emergency room mental health evaluations and follow up (beginning Jan. 2013)