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Collaborative Solutions Network seeks to simplify care options

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From The Ithaca Times:
All too often, we see a newspaper headline about yet another mass shooting, or a news anchor leads off a broadcast with a story about yet another suicide, and we numbly ask — almost rhetorically — "Why didn’t someone see this coming? Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this?

Well, someone is trying.

Jaydn McCune of Ithaca is employed by the Franziska Racker Centers, and is the director of the Collaborative Solutions Network. The CSN was formed two years ago following a federal Mental Health Integration grant.

"There was a lot of information and resources in what I would call 'silos,'" said McCune. "The schools were one of those silos, the juvenile justice system was another, the mental health system, DSS — all had good stuff in their silos, but we saw the need to share resources and collaborate more effectively. To go, I would say, from silos to synergy."
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